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Utility Requirements

50amps@240vac ~ Fresh Water Supply ~ Grey Water Destination

Transportation Fee $1 per mile From Lakeport CA

Event Vending information

Direct-to-consumer vending is an option

for events over 1000 people:

$15 single-use / $40 weekend pass

for events under capacity

$20 single-use only for events

at or above capacity.

Spa area can accommodate 

60 people per hour

Single Payer Bookings

Direct Rentals are weekly with 1 week minimum and can be customized with options such as:


Steam Trailer

20+ capacity steam spa
3 tiers of seating to choose the heat level.
rinsing stations in airlock
visually captivating day and night.

$2000 /weekly


Chilled LED Water Bed Lounge

Our custom bladders allow for hygienic
interactive cold plunge experience.

(Additional heated beds are also an option).



Enclosed Changing Area

Festive peek frame tent with all needed aminities provide comfortable space for people and there things while coming and going durring spa adventures.


Stretch Fabric perimeter walls

Twin panel walls with overhead lighting create a private area and add dimension and ambiance to the spa area.


30 x 30 Stretch Fabric Tent

This large spacious tent can be set up tall (for an open-air feeling) or low (for a more cozy, sheltered feel)


Please Contact us to Discuss Booking

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