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About Us

Dream Steam is the culminated vision of Perple Erik and his 20 years of experience in event production and healing work.

Starting his journey with his healing work and then evolving it from 1 on 1 sessions, into group work and then into therapeutic environments. He now curates spaces that are enjoyable and conducive to the most optimal healing and connection.

Perple has dedicated his life's work towards researching and developing his repertoire of skills, including transformational somatic healing modalities, engineering, event production, environmental curation, and steam alchemy.

Taking on leadership roles with event planning, coordinating, and resource management where he displays his creative genius by coming up with solutions to complex problems "on the fly". 

Harnessing elemental alchemy and understanding its connections with the environment, it is clear that efficient systems are more sustainable.

Practicing social alchemy and being able to connect with others and harness the viral impact of inspiration and its array of mutual benefits.

All while keeping players in the game, such as providing a way for over 100 people to get clean and refreshed with only 10 gallons of water.

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